Who we are

Entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast Mr.Sumit Pal Singh started from a single store O2Nutrition with a main aim to make genuine and authentic supplements accessible to everyone from seasoned bodybuilders to newbie. The store does not just sell supplements but also provide expert consultation on how to consume, whether they are required by your body or what kind of workout routine is beneficial with the kind of supplement you are consuming. In the span of 8 years we have grown to 4 strong outlets and planning to open 8 more in next  4 years.

Numerous of our high profile clients from hockey, cricket, singers, Actors rely on us for their supplements requirement and consultation for the same. Our owner Mr Sumit Pal Singh has also been featured by Tarun Gill in his videos that talks about nutrition, anabolic and their consumption

Our Services

  • Home Delivery of Supplements
  • Pay online or through Wallet
  • Supplement Consultation
  • Overall Inspection & life Style change Consultation
  • Competition Body Transformation Planning

How We Are Diffrent

Availability of international Brands
Quality and Authentic products
Return an Refund policy
Expert Consultation

Why Choose Us

Expert Consultation

We have academic background to support what we recommend and we have numerous famous clients who rely on us for their supplements requirements

Genuine & Quality Products

We not only provide you with the bill on every purchase but we are authorised seller for brands we sell

Reliability and Prestige

We have earned the reputation for genuine supplements over the time so you can rely on us for authentic products.

Don't give up on Workout! Get Authentic Nutritions & Expert Advice!

Everything you need to build an excellent physique.